東京・横浜の女性専用シェアハウス。Budget rooms for vacation, travel, study, work, working holiday & incentive stays in Tokyo & Yokohama Japan.

Sengawa smile share house

Vacant rooms


Initial cost

The initial cost is the deposit of 30,000 + rent + common service fee of ¥10,000.
*The deposit of ¥30,000 will be fully refunded when you move out.

Monthly expenses other than rent

Monthly cost is the sum of rent + common service fee ¥10,000.

*Included in common service fee
Utility costs (electricity, gas, water), internet usage, and consumables (toilet paper, garbage bags, various cleaning detergents, etc.) are all included.

Features of Sengawa Smile Share House

Only a small number of women
A small share house with 5 rooms for women only. It is a family-like relaxing space that can only be found in a small house where everyone has the same name and face.

smile quality
It is a friendly system for people who come to Tokyo because they can move in even while they are looking for a job. All private rooms with furniture, appliances and storage are in the 50,000 yen range. A 5-minute walk from Sengawa Station on the Keio Line. We welcome both short-term (from 1 month) and long-term. Free bicycle rental available. Online preview is also available. There is also a free moving service when you move in. In terms of location, facilities, and price, we have pursued smile quality so that everyone can live with a smile without overdoing it.



Distance from nearest station
Keio Line Sengawa Station 5 minutes on foot
Keio Line Chitosekarasuyama Station 10 minutes on foot

Easy-going atmosphere without stimulation

The atmosphere of this share house is “a sense of openness and a high degree of freedom”. Events and parties are not held regularly, so it may be unsatisfactory for those who are looking for stimulation, but it is highly recommended for those who want to relax and live with a focus on freedom and openness. We welcome anyone who can live comfortably and happily, regardless of nationality or sharing experience.

仙川スマイルシェアハウス101号室 仙川スマイルシェアハウス202

Free rental bicycle

Free bicycles are installed in the share house.
You can also bring your own bicycle.
Bicycle parking is free.

Resident attributes

Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer
Chart by Visualizer


Common area

仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス スマイルシェアハウス仙川 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス ミニラウンジ 仙川スマイルシェアハウス ダイニング 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウスのキッチン 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス トイレ 仙川スマイルシェアハウスのキッチン 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 洗面台 仙川スマイルシェアハウスのキッチン 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス 仙川スマイルシェアハウス


5 rooms in total. Each room has a different atmosphere. A room with wall storage, a room with a log house-like atmosphere with all the walls made of wood, and a cute room with a white floor.

仙川スマイルシェアハウス205号室の写真 仙川スマイルシェアハウス202 仙川205号室 仙川スマイルシェアハウス104号室 仙川スマイルシェアハウス104号室 仙川スマイルシェアハウス203号室 スマイルシェアハウス仙川203号室 仙川スマイルシェアハウス101号室 仙川スマイルシェアハウス101号室

About furniture and home appliances

common area

It has everything you need for life. Washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, futon dryer


We have everything you need for cooking. Frying pan, two-handed pot, one-handed pot, kettle, kitchen knife, cutting board, stirrer, turner, ladle, bowl, strainer, earthenware pot (for hot pot parties), takoyaki machine (you can make both takoyaki and ahijo) chopsticks, kitchen scissors, peeler , bottle opener, can opener, measuring cup, measuring spoon, etc.

private room

All rooms are private rooms with storage, furniture and appliances, and a key.
(TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, curtains, bed, futon set, desk, chair) If you bring your own belongings, we will remove the existing furniture and appliances, so you can replace them.

Other Convenient Smile Services

Online room tour

オンライン見学You can use LINE’s videophone function to see what the share house is like from the comfort of your own home. You can use it immediately by downloading the LINE app to your smartphone.

Trial stay

I think there are many people who feel uneasy about moving in for various reasons, such as “It’s my first time in a share house.” At Smile Share House, it is possible to have a trial move-in (trial move-in) for 1 month or more for all properties.

Free moving service

For those of you who are about to start a new life, Smile Share House has started a new service, “Smile Moving Service”. We will carry up to 5 pieces of luggage from your house to the share house for free.


  • 退去時にかかる費用はありますか?/ Do you charge cleaning fee when I leaving?



    There is no cleaning fee. Because you clean your room when you leave.
    I will always be there when you leave.
    If your room is very dirty, let’s clean it with me!

  • WIFIは使えますか?/ Can I use WIFI?


    Yes. You can use WIFI for 24 hours with free of charge.

  • 友達が遊びに来ることはできますか?/Can my friends come and visit?

    はい。女性の友人や家族の訪問や数日の宿泊は可能です。Yes. You can invite your Friend or Family.but male cannot. Female only.


  • 初期費用はいくらですか?/ About initial cost


    Deposit 30,000 + Rent + Utility 10,000

  • デポジットは戻ってきますか?/ Deposits be refunded?


    Yes.if there is no damage to the unit, then no other fees will be charged.
    and your deposit will be completely refunded.

  • 上京してくるため入居時は無職ですが入居できますか?/ I am unemployed right now, can I move in?


    Yes. People who are on leave or hiring a job can also move in.

Do I have to buy consumables too?

In addition to consumables such as toilet paper and garbage bags, there are all kinds of things necessary for daily life, so even if you move in with just one trunk, your usual life will soon be over. Expenses for consumables are included in the common service fee, and the janitor replenishes them at any time.

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    お気軽にお問合せください TEL 080-4299-2221 営業時間 11:00 - 18:00 (土・日・祝日除く)担当:加藤

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