東京・横浜の女性専用シェアハウス。Budget rooms for vacation, travel, study, work, working holiday & incentive stays in Tokyo & Yokohama Japan.

Sengawa smile share house

Latest information


Room 2 is vacant now
please fell free to contact us.

Vacant information

2037.0帖夏のキャンペーン対象物件!通常¥55,000→今だけ¥39,000(3ヶ月間有効) 空室

Initial cost

Deposit (30,000 yen) + Rent +  Utility fee (10,000 yen).
The deposit is all refundable.

Monthly expenses other than rent

The sum of Rent +  Utility fee (10,000 yen)
Utility costs such as electricity, water, gas, furniture and internet, regular maintenance are all included in Utility.


About Smile share house Sengawa

A cozy share house in residential area of Setagaya located to the west of Shinjuku. The nearest train stop is Sengawa Station on the Keio Line, just 15 minutes away from Shinjuku. Live near the heart of Tokyo with its schools, universities and business areas and at the same time enjoy the cozy and relax of life in an established residential neighborhood.
Total 5 private rooms. woman only, non smoking share house.

Budget rooms for vacation, travel, study, work, working holiday & incentive stays in Tokyo Japan.
– Students, interns & solo travelers welcome.
– Minimum stay is from 1 month. Furnished, All utilities included, Free-Wi-Fi.
– No key money, agent fees or guarantors needed.
– live with kind Japanese people.Your language skills in Japanese will definitely improve.


5 minutes walk to Sengawa station (Keio Line)
10 minutes walk to Chitose-karasuyama station (Keio Line)

15 minutes to Shinjuku. (keio-line)*Transfer at Chitose-karasuyama station
30 minutes to Shibuya. (keio-line)

the strong and weak point

strong point

The common areas and rooms are spacious and well-stocked. You can bring a lot of luggage. It is highly recommended for those who want to live with a relaxed feeling or who place an emphasis on openness.
Also, the environment around the house is wonderful. There is a 24-hour supermarket, natural hot spring facilities, a cozy cafe, a large 100-yen shop, and a convenient hardware store.

weak point

When the train passes, you can hear the sound of the train. Because it is close to the station. Please check at the time of inspection.



Public area

仙川スマイルシェアハウススマイルシェアハウス仙川仙川スマイルシェアハウス仙川スマイルシェアハウス仙川スマイルシェアハウス ダイニング仙川スマイルシェアハウス仙川スマイルシェアハウス仙川スマイルシェアハウス仙川スマイルシェアハウス キッチン仙川スマイルシェアハウス トイレ仙川スマイルシェアハウス浴室仙川スマイルシェアハウスの洗濯機仙川スマイルシェアハウスのキッチンスマイルシェアハウス阿佐ヶ谷のキッチン仙川スマイルシェアハウス ミニラウンジ仙川スマイルシェアハウス



private room furniture

There is big storage in all private room, furnished with appliances.
(TV, Two-door Refrigerator, Air conditioning, Curtains, Bed and Beddings)
with a key, is equipped with wireless Internet.

部屋の備品 テレビ

Other items

All consumables that everyone uses on a daily basis are prepared.
They are always replenished by the manager.
These fees are all included in the Utility fee.


  • 退去時にかかる費用はありますか?/ Do you charge cleaning fee when I leaving?



    There is no cleaning fee. Because you clean your room when you leave.
    I will always be there when you leave.
    If your room is very dirty, let’s clean it with me!

  • WIFIは使えますか?/ Can I use WIFI?


    Yes. You can use WIFI for 24 hours with free of charge.

  • 友達が遊びに来ることはできますか?/Can my friends come and visit?

    はい。女性の友人や家族の訪問や数日の宿泊は可能です。Yes. You can invite your Friend or Family.but male cannot. Female only.


  • 初期費用はいくらですか?/ About initial cost


    Deposit 30,000 + Rent + Utility 10,000

  • デポジットは戻ってきますか?/ Deposits be refunded?


    Yes.if there is no damage to the unit, then no other fees will be charged.
    and your deposit will be completely refunded.

  • 上京してくるため入居時は無職ですが入居できますか?/ I am unemployed right now, can I move in?


    Yes. People who are on leave or hiring a job can also move in.

Around the house

Convenient and comfortable city

Shopping district there are 100 average, super, Renaissance (fitness club), home improvement Shimachu Co., Ltd., Queens Isetan, no mark, UNIQLO, Starbucks, book off, GEO, Rushipia, also 400m (Harmony Town Sengawa), such as hot springs …. From Sengawa House, you go in the 5-10 minute walk to all these.

 島忠ホームセンター 仙川のユニクロ 京王ストアー クイーンズ伊勢丹仙川店 仙川のスターバックス イッツデモ TUTAYA仙川店 ルシピア仙川店   サイゼリア    西友 


I do not put a detailed address because it is women-only house


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    お気軽にお問合せください TEL 080-4299-2221 営業時間 11:00 - 18:00 (土・日・祝日除く)担当:加藤

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